Cheap Flights to Muscat

Cheap Flights to Muscat

Throughout history, the Middle East has always played a major part in world affairs and it is also the geographic origin of three of the world’s predominant religions – Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Indeed, ‘history’ is one of the chief reasons many people visit this subcontinent, as the region has plenty on offer. But many 21st century tourists need more than a history fix when on vacation, and this is why more and more people are choosing Muscat as their holiday destination.

The Walled City of Muscat should definitely be your first stop. This existed for centuries, and was so called because the gates to the city were closed each and every night as the sun went down.

If you love nothing better than strolling round a museum and taking a look into the past, you will find plenty to delight you in Muscat holidays. The National Museum is a great way to find out more about the culture of the area, while the Natural History Museum is also worth a look.

Couples often seek a romantic place to talk about life and their new journey as man and wife. Most newlyweds or young couples in Oman have a wonderful place to go at night. The best place is the Enlightened Fountain, about half way between the old Mutrah and the newer Muscat. The ambiance of this area is nothing short of magical. It’s a place to ponder and find yourself again. Other wonderful things to do in and around Slutante Oman is to take the desert road to Nizwa, once a capital of Oman. This journey requires a salon car, a basket of food and plenty of water.

Muscat also has some stunning architecture that is also well worth investigating. Al Alam Palace, for example, has a gold and blue façade and is the ceremonial palace of the Sultan of Oman. Whilst visitors are not allowed inside, it is nevertheless a very impressive structure. The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque has to be seen to be believed; taking over six years to build, it consists of the main prayer hall with a central dome that rises to fifty metres high. The floor of the prayer hall is covered by the largest single-piece, hand-woven carpet in the world, covering 4343 square metres

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