Flights to Kathmandu

Flights to Kathmandu

Many people, especially expats with families living in Hong Kong, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing and Bangkok to name a few find themselves with a short period of holiday time and no idea where to spend it. The thriving Himalayan city of Kathmandu is a short flight form most of these cities and is an affordable, exciting and culturally rich holiday awaiting you in Kathmandu.

Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal and the central tourist hub that acts as the gateway to the mighty Himalaya. If you don’t know what to do and where to go you could easily waste your precious time in the tourist traps, being hassled by touts and wasting money on expensive non-local arranged sightseeing tours. Kathmandu has a charm hidden underneath all the “tourist tinsel” and the best way to find it is by going local. Though doing it rough and ready is not ideal for most people travelling with young families, a little bit of preplanning and a good balance of organised and do it yourself touring can give you an amazing holiday in Kathmandu. And getting around is much easier than you think.

Flight Alongside The Himalayas

If you are not of the trekking type or you have little time, but still want to see some of the highest mountain tops, your best option would be to take the mountain flight from Pokhara to Jomson. From Jomson you can do a little trek into the Annapurnas to also experience the mountains on feet. The flight will take you 30 minutes.

Nepal and India are generally considered to be offering the cheapest trekking in Himalaya. Many treks in India require some camping gear, so if you already have your own tent etc., the Indian Himalayas are a good and cheap trekking option. If you don’t have all the gear, a tea-house trek in the Nepal Himalayas is probably the cheapest trekking option for you.

The 3 famous Nepalese tea-house treks are the Everest trek, Annapurna trek and Langtang trek. Just note that the Everest trek is in a very remote area and requires a domestic flight in and out. But both the Annapurna and Langtang trekking areas can be reached by local bus, so they are probably the best for cheap trekking in Himalaya.

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